Pat Moonchy

voice, persephone, zengarten, taimachine, waterphone, mobius

Pat Moonchy-Cantiere
Who’s Pat Moonchy?

Existentialist and versatile personality in costant evolution, she developed a really personal musical language.
Starting from the electric bass and then meeting music and oriental philosophy which has brought her to evolve herself in vocal technique by studying harmonic singing and circular breath.
Discovering electronic music she learned the Theremin technique from Barbara Buchholz.
She has been performing for 20 years as a DJ & experimental- musician performing regulary in her pub “Moonshine”, which is the symbolic place of the Avantgarde in Milan.
She has open project with international artists in Italy (Guido Mazzon/trumpet; Roberto Aglieri/flute).
Elsewhere in Europe like Jean-Hervé Péron Art-Errorist: leader frontman singer bassist guitarist trumpet performer and much more … the legendary band FAUST.

She’s a member of:

*Doubleganger (Lucio Liguori/guitar+Angelo Avogadri/flute- bass + Lino Liguori/drums).

*Doppelganger (with Lars Nicolaysen on drums and Jhonny Larsen on Bass from Norway + Lucio Liguori).

*New project with one of the pioneers of the Italian Jazz scene, drummer Lino Liguori (class 1927) in a brave an audacious experimental duo.

*She’s also have been part of the “Tai Orchestra”,with over 20 contemporary impro jazz musicians.

*Trio Project with Roberto Del Piano/bass & Alessandra Novaga/guitar.

*Duo project with on Angelo Contini: Instrumentalist and researcher has identified his voice with that of the trombone by working with a large number of musicians active in the area of free jazz and experimental music.

*Newest project “Pat Moonchy” enchants and captivates the audience with its particular electronic tools, unique patterns often built on demand and with her vocal style, rich in color as measured and play it in solo/project.